My Story

Hi! I am Kisha Ramsey, a wife, a mother, an educator, a breast cancer survivor, and, yes, a lover of garlic. Welcome to Garlikigood and the world of wellness.

Join me as I share with you the wonderfulness of garlic. When I learned of the nutritional benefits of garlic 33 years ago, it was during the time that I was undergoing chemotherapy.

My father, who had many challenging battles with cancer, was my bedrock of strength and played a key role in my decision to make changes to improve my life.

My dad always shared how beneficial garlic is, so I decided to add garlic to every meal I consumed. Seeing and feeling the benefits of garlic made me the believer I am today. I always wondered why a food so healthy has this unique aroma. I never liked the taste of the store-bought minced garlic, especially after learning that it often contained added preservatives, which defeats its beneficial purpose, so I decided to create a similar version and began mincing garlic.

Next, I added garlic to my salad dressings, seafood, and meats. My family and guests began to share how much they liked the flavor when I added my own minced garlic—even my daughter, who actually began to enjoy her vegetables! Now I create a variety of garlic recipes. Sharing my love of garlic is my calling. My journey has been motivated by great love and guided by intuition.

My father’s hard work, passion, and commitment in everything he did—and especially his love of garlic and its benefits—inspired me to create Garlikigood. I invite you to add my garlic to any dish you prepare and I'm sure you find that it will taste amazing.